North Main Annex Renovations and Repairs

Approximately two weeks ago, after a weekend rain storm, it was discovered that the Bulloch County Annex at 115 North Main Street in Statesboro, had experienced interior damage upon the failure of a temporary cover during the course of re-roofing a section of the building.


This has made the Board of Commissioners meeting room and much of the office space for the Tax Assessors office unusable until proper repairs have been completed. Therefore, the County is currently re-scheduling a series of regular meetings that are held by the Board of Commissioners and other county boards and committees.


We intend to have the September 4, 2012 meeting scheduled for 5:30 PM to be held at the Town Hall at 104 Church Street in Brooklet, to which we are grateful to the Town of Brooklet hosting us. The venue for the September 18 meeting at 8:30 AM is yet to be determined, but a meeting at a venue in the Town of Portal is under consideration.  Though it is uncertain as to when the Commissioners meeting room will be completed, we will also consider other venues throughout the county, where practicable, as a means to reach out to citizens who cannot frequently come to Statesboro for Commissioners meetings.


Meanwhile, as repairs and renovations continue, we will attempt to keep the public informed with regard to meetings of the Board of Commissioners and their subsidiary boards and committees who normally use the North Main Annex meeting room.  Meanwhile the County is taking the opportunity to not only repair, but, renovate this room with technological improvements that make the interface between the citizens, board and committees who use it for meeting space better.


We appreciate the public’s patience during this period.