bc probation

28 Hill Street
Statesboro, GA 30458
Phone: (912) 489-6662 or (912) 764-9746
Fax: (912) 764-6882



The mission of the Bulloch County Probation Department is to serve the State and Superior Courts of Bulloch County and to cooperate with other criminal justice agencies in protecting the public by effectively enforcing sentence of probation ordered by the courts.

Profile and Issues

To serve the State and Superior Courts of Bulloch County by enforcing probation sentencing conditions for misdemeanor offenders, and collecting court-ordered fines, fees and restitution; to collaborate with other criminal justice agencies in protecting the public with sentence enforcement and probation conditions; provide surveillance on probationers to protect the community, deter further criminal activity, and assure victim restitution; to assist in the rehabilitation of criminal offenders through individual assessments, counseling and professional guidance, and to provide additional law enforcement capability.

This budget division, since its inception in 2000, has been very successful both functionally and fiscally, where previously the service was contracted. The contract was dissolved when the given the choice by state mandate of further contracting or providing the service directly. The current leadership of the department has succeeded in increasing the functional and fiscal credibility within the local criminal justice system.

The courts are utilizing probation to relieve overcrowding in jails. This shifts the burden from incarceration to supervision, which in effect provides an alternative by reducing potential daily costs from $45.00 per day per inmate in a jail to $1.00 per day per a supervised probationer. Caseloads per probation officer are increasing. 200 cases per officer is the standard, while this office‘s rate is now over 300. It is believed that reducing per officer caseload has a correlation to fee and fine collection generated by the office. The higher the caseload, the less time the officer has to follow up when needed (caseload reviews, warrant issues, sending letters, making calls to probations, etc.). Therefore, one (1) new FTE has been funded for FY 2012 for a probation officer.